"Barb is to be commended for her outstanding customer service"

    University of Alberta

“There are really no words – working with you has been an utmost pleasure” 

The Alberta Teachers Association

“You are Simply Amazing” 

The MasterWealth Team

“Barb you are a Rockstar!  Thank you for your patience and grace.  It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to 2016.” 

The Canadian Arts Summit

“Barb, our ‘fire fighter’.  Thanks” 

Tenth Banff International String Quartet Competition Committee

“Barb exudes an air of confidence and control which puts clients at ease; this is particularly valuable when working in the ever-changing entertainment industry" 

Stadium Corporation of Ontario (SkyDome)

“Barb is extremely passionate about the work she does. She excels in organizational skills, event planning and communication.  We couldn't and wouldn't run an event without her” 

Victim Service Conference Committee

“Barb is a consummate professional, who can be relied upon to meet deadlines, lead where necessary, work cooperatively as required, and to bring a fresh and creative spark to the task at hand. She has the gift of giving her best to every aspect of her work and of bringing out the best in others" 

Community Group Conferencing/Yukon

"Barb is very experienced and knowledgeable in her field and one of the best coordinators I've worked with."

Energy,  Calgary

“I know that events of this nature are difficult to organize and produce, and require a great deal of hard work.  "On the Infield" was a very exciting night and I want to thank you sincerely for your contribution to this wonderful success

Premier of Ontario

"Barb's independence and her attention to detail enable her to solve client issues quickly and efficiently. Her strong decision-making abilities and coordination skills made her a valuable asset" 

VP/Marketing, Stadium Corporation of Ontario (SkyDome)

"Organizing a party for 500, with ages ranging from tiny tots to grandparents, is a formidable task to contemplate, but everything went like clockwork" 

Young Presidents' Organization Toronto

"Barbara, dinner on the field was a tremendous success.  Our guests from France, Germany, Spain and Italy were quite overwhelmed” 

Ministry of Intergovernmental